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Required Documents

Required Documents

Workplace Learning - Documents:

In order to participate in Work Experience, you will need the following documents:

For Students:  
The Student's Guide to Workplace Learning
The Student Placement Record (Work Experience only)
The Student Placement Record (Word Version)
Note: If you will be travelling in a vehicle with your host employer/supervisor you need to fill
          out this form and attach it to your Student Placement Record.
For Parents:  
The Parent/Carers Guide to Workplace Learning

For additional information for Parents - Click here

For Employers:  
The Employers Guide to Workplace Learning
For additional information for Employers - Click here  

Here are some other documents you may need if directed by the Careers Adviser:

A list of activities that are prohibited on Work Experience - Click here
The forms required if you are staying away from home while you do Work Experience - Click here

You must see the Careers Adviser before organising any Work Experience/Work Placement or printing off and filling out any of these forms.

If you are still unsure or have questions, please see me.